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An Exclusive Interview with CEO Per Lund in Business Focus Magazine

Discover the remarkable strides in floating offshore wind power as we bring you an exclusive interview with our CEO, Per Lund, in the magazine Business Focus. In this captivating piece, Lund shares his insights the mission to revolutionise the renewable energy industry with Odfjell Oceanwind's Floating Offshore Wind Units (FOWUs).

Delve into the innovative technologies and strategies employed by Odfjell Oceanwind as we harness the untapped potential of offshore wind resources. Lund discusses the challenges faced and the ingenious solutions that have propelled us forward, painting a vivid picture of the journey.

Explore the economic and environmental implications of floating offshore wind power, from powering industries to reducing carbon emissions. This interview offers valuable perspectives on the future of sustainable energy and its vital role in combating climate change.

Download the full interview to gain exclusive access to Per Lund's inspiring vision and witness the remarkable advancements in floating offshore wind power, shaping a greener and more sustainable future.

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