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Kjell Gievær, Director of Arctic Energy Partners and Gunnar Birkeland, CEO of Source Galileo Norge.

Source Galileo and Odfjell Oceanwind have partnered with Arctic Energy Partners to realise a pilot project for floating offshore wind at the Goliat platform in Northern Norway.

The Goliat platform is currently powered from shore via a 75 MW power cable. The purpose of the GoliatVIND project is to demonstrate floating offshore wind technology in Norway.

“GoliatVIND is significant because Norwegian offshore wind technology can be demonstrated in a demanding environment. We need demonstration projects like these to get started with offshore wind, and to build competence and supply chains. This will further enable larger offshore wind developments,” says Gunnar Birkeland, CEO of Source Galileo Norge.

As the supplier network for the energy business in Northern Norway, Arctic Energy Partners can make this project possible. “Floating offshore wind will have major ripple effects for the Norwegian industry. Our clear ambition is for offshore wind to generate onshore activity in the north, including development, operational support and base structures. Our agreement with GoliatVind is therefore a historic milestone on this journey towards more ripple effects in the north" says Kjell Giæver, Director of Arctic Energy Partners.


The preliminary plan is to build three to five floating wind turbines at Goliat, each with a capacity of 15 MW. GoliatVind will have an installed capacity of up to 75 MW, depending on the final scope of the project. Operation of the Goliat platform currently requires about 50 MW. Irrespective of the final scope, the project would increase total power production in the Hammerfest region in Northern Norway. Read more here.


About Arctic Energy Partners, Odfjell Oceanwind and Source Galileo

Arctic Energy Partners is the supplier network for the energy business in Northern Norway. The network collaborates with business, energy, oil and gas companies, social actors and others who have the energy field as a market and interest.

Odfjell Oceanwind is a Norwegian floating offshore wind specialist that combines Odfjell's 50-year maritime tradition and experience from the design, construction and operation of floating units in harsh conditions with 20 years of experience from developing solutions from floating offshore wind. Odfjell Oceanwind has offices in Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo and Aberdeen.

Source Galileo is a European developer and long-term owner of renewable energy systems, including solar, battery, hydrogen and offshore wind. Source Galileo Norge has its head office in Haugesund and is responsible for floating offshore wind. The organisation is located in Dublin, London, and Haugesund.


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