Odfjell Oceanwind, OKEA and TrønderEnergi to evaluate a potential wind farm on Draugen

Odfjell Oceanwind has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Norwegian exploration and production company OKEA and the utility company TrønderEnergi to jointly evaluate the potential of developing a floating offshore wind farm connected to the Draugen platform.

The intention of the potential wind farm is to provide renewable power to the Draugen platform and utilize the Draugen infrastructure, including the planned power from shore cable. The wind farm may also serve the purpose of a flexible storage location for Odfjell Oceanwind’s Mobile Offshore Wind Units (MOWUs), producing renewable energy in between contract periods for off-grid applications. The study will include early stage technical, economical and regulatory evaluations, as well as the potential impact on the environment and climate.

“We look forward to further exploring this exciting opportunity in close collaboration with OKEA and TrønderEnergi. The Draugen wind farm project also fits well with Odfjell Oceanwind`s long term strategy to become a leading global floating wind farm O&M and technology provider”, says CEO Per Lund.

For more information, please contact Per Lund, CEO in Odfjell Oceanwind at:

plu@odfjell-oceanwind.com / tel +47 91874363.