FOWU vindpark

Odfjell Oceanwind, together with our partner Source Galileo, will with our UtsiraVIND project participate in the competition for seabed lease for floating offshore wind on Utsira Nord west of Haugesund in Norway. The intention for the three seabed leases of 500MW each is to stimulate technology and innovation, with the aim of reducing cost of energy from floating offshore wind.

The seabed leases will be awarded based on qualitative criteria and the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy has recently sent their proposed criteria for award on hearing. Odfjell Oceanwind and Source Galileo have provided our inputs in the hearing round with the following main messages:

  1. Utsira Nord can, if done right, be developed already in 2028. If we manage to do so, the Norwegian industry will reinforce its leading position in floating offshore wind. It is therefore imperative that the players that are in a position to develop the projects fast will be prioritised in this award round.
  2. It is important for the competition that the minimum criteria for qualifying as a developer on Utsira Nord are proportionate and not unreasonable strict.
  3. HSE and coexistence must be emphasised in the evaluation. To develop and operate floating offshore in the North Sea requires special competencies which cannot be compared to onshore wind or bottom fixed offshore wind.


Our complete hearing letter can be found  here  (in Norwegian).