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Kenneth Fossøy is VP Business Development at Odfjell Oceanwind and formerly a Senior Commercial Manager at Maersk Drilling. He has broad commercial and BD experience from the energy industry and holds an MSc from Copenhagen Business School.

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Published in Offshore Magazine: Tax incentives as a catalyst for floating offshore wind de-carbonisation projects

By Kenneth Fossøy Nov 15, 2023


The great paradox in de-carbonisation of oil and gas with floating wind

 - E&P companies have highly attractive tax incentives available to invest in such projects, but capital is constantly diverted to higher yielding E&P projects.
- Renewable energy companies want to invest in these types of projects but do not have access to the same attractive tax incentives that are available to E&P companies.
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Tax incentives as a catalyst for floating offshore wind de-carbonisation projects?

By Kenneth Fossøy Mar 16, 2023

  • UK and Norway have set ambitious targets for reducing emissions from their oil and gas activities  
  • Both nations desire to develop their respective industries into global leaders in floating wind  
  • Floating wind is a de-carbonisation solution that could deliver on the emission reduction targets 
  • Tax incentives could be an effective fiscal tool to incentivise de-carbonisation projects  
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We cannot wake up in 2029 and decide to slash emissions by 50% by 2030

By Kenneth Fossøy Nov 4, 2021

  • The UK and Norway have set ambitious emission reduction targets for 2030
  • Offshore floating wind has been identified as the key tool to de-carbonise the oil and gas industry in both countries
  • Policymakers must enable the floating offshore wind industry to deliver on these targets
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What is required to accelerate de-carbonisation of the oil and gas industry?

By Kenneth Fossøy Oct 5, 2021

  • A fit for purpose, predictable commercial framework for de-carbonisation is necessary to accelerate investment decisions and to deliver on the oil and gas industry’s de-carbonisation goals.
  • The legal framework needs to be up to date in order to not slow down the green shift.
  • Mobile offshore wind can be an efficient de-carbonisation solution for oil and gas.
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