UtsiraVIND - Consortium strengthened with new global energy partners Kansai Electric Power and Ingka Investments

By Odfjell Oceanwind Aug 2, 2023

Important milestone for realising floating offshore wind project at Goliat

By Odfjell Oceanwind Jun 29, 2023

Odfjell Oceanwind bringing floating offshore wind power to an industrial scale

By Odfjell Oceanwind Jun 21, 2023

Deepsea Star™ selected for the GoliatVIND wind park in the Barents Sea

By Odfjell Oceanwind Apr 26, 2023

New floating offshore wind project at Goliat – can provide the Hammerfest region with 300 GWh of renewable energy

By Odfjell Oceanwind Apr 26, 2023

Can floating offshore wind units go beyond 15MW?

By Odfjell Oceanwind Mar 21, 2023

Tax incentives as a catalyst for floating offshore wind de-carbonisation projects?

By Kenneth Fossøy Mar 16, 2023

Odfjell Oceanwind launches the Deepsea Star™ 15MW floating wind foundation

By Odfjell Oceanwind Feb 28, 2023

How do you assess the maturity of a floating offshore wind design?

By Elin Crombie Feb 23, 2023

Odfjell Oceanwind, together with our partner Source Galileo, will with our UtsiraVIND project participate in the competition on Utsira Nord

By Odfjell Oceanwind Jan 9, 2023

Odfjell Oceanwind and Source Galileo Norge to cooperate on floating offshore wind and apply for seabed lease on Utsira Nord

By Odfjell Oceanwind Nov 9, 2022

Odfjell Oceanwind on track towards full DNV class approval of its Deepsea Semi™ floating wind foundation design

By Odfjell Oceanwind Aug 30, 2022

Meet us at ONS2022

By Odfjell Oceanwind Aug 8, 2022

DNV awards Approval in Principle for the Deepsea Semi™ floating wind foundation

By Odfjell Oceanwind Feb 22, 2022

TrønderEnergi and The Blystad Group become new shareholders in Odfjell Oceanwind

By Odfjell Oceanwind Feb 3, 2022

Is Norway able to open the Kinder Egg of mobile offshore wind?

By Per Lund Dec 7, 2021

We cannot wake up in 2029 and decide to slash emissions by 50% by 2030

By Kenneth Fossøy Nov 4, 2021

Odfjell Oceanwind, OKEA, TrønderEnergi to evaluate potential Draugen wind farm

By Odfjell Oceanwind Oct 29, 2021

How WindGrid™ can double the effect of wind power for O&G platforms

By Eystein Borgen Oct 19, 2021

Odfjell Oceanwind is a finalist in the 2021 New Horizon Idea Award

By Odfjell Oceanwind Oct 12, 2021

What is required to accelerate de-carbonisation of the oil and gas industry?

By Kenneth Fossøy Oct 5, 2021

Presentation: From MODU to MOWU

By Odfjell Oceanwind Sep 28, 2021

Debunking some myths about offshore wind’s role in the energy transition

By Merete Lie Holen Sep 20, 2021

How an offshore drilling contractor ended up in the renewable business

By Simen Lieungh Sep 14, 2021

Odfjell Oceanwind receives Enova grant for maturing full scale Mobile Offshore Wind Unit contracts

By Odfjell Oceanwind Aug 17, 2021

DNV confirms up to 70% emission cuts from Odfjell Oceanwind's WindGrid floating wind power system

By Odfjell Oceanwind Jun 21, 2021

Odfjell Oceanwind, Siemens Gamesa, Siemens Energy sign MoU on floating Mobile Offshore Wind Units

By Odfjell Oceanwind Jun 17, 2021

Why a MOWU is such a great idea

By Per Lund Jun 16, 2021

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